European Particle Accelerator Conference

EPAC is organized by the:

EPAC Conferences Coordinator:

European Physical Society  Accelerator Group (EPS-AG)

Christine Petit-Jean-Genaz, CERN



EPAC'08 will take place at the Magazzini del Cotone, Genoa from 23 to 27 June 2008.


EPAC'06 took place at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre, Edinburgh, Scotland from 26 to 30 June 2006

Sitges 96 Stockholm 98 Vienna 2000 Paris 2002

EPAC'96 was held

from 10-14th June 1996

at the Meliá Gran Sitges Hotel, Sitges, Barcelona

EPAC'98 was held

from 22-26th June 1998,

at the Stockholm City Conference Centre

EPAC 2000 was held
from 26-30 June 2000,
at the Austria Center,

EPAC'02 was held
from 3-7 June 2002
at the Cité des Sciences
et de l'Industrie at
La Villette, Paris.

EPAC'04 took place from 5 to 9 July 2004 at the Lucerne Culture and Congress Centre (KKL), Lucerne, Switzerland

Joint Accelerator Conference Website (JACoW) 
This website has been set up for the publication of the proceedings of the American (PAC), Asian (APAC) and European (EPAC) Accelerator Conference Proceedings, as well as the ICFA Advanced Beam Dynamics Workshops, COOL, CYCLOTRONS, DIPAC, FEL, ICALEPCS, ICAP, LINAC, RuPAC series of conferences. 

JACoW WebSite

Christine Petit-Jean-Genaz
Last Update : October 2006